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What is the DSP?


Welcome on the official 'Discussion group Separation methods for Polymers' (DSP)-site. The DSP is an active subdivision of the Section Analytical Chemistry (SAC) resorting under the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging, KNCV). The DSP (formerly: GPC Users-group) focuses on the separation and characterization of synthetic polymers and biopolymers. The DSP aims at providing a platform for scientist to interact and share experiences and to discuss new developments.


Separation methods discussed include:

  • size-exclusion chromatography (SEC/GPC)
  • polymer separaton on polarity (RP-GPEC)
  • functional group distribution (NP-GPEC)
  • end-groups (CCC) 
  • hydrodynamic chromatography (HDC)
  • field-flow fractionation (FFF)
  • multidimensional chromatography

Coupling of separation methods to high-end techniques such as:

  • mass spectrometry (MS)
  • infrared (IR)
  • nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy


Twice a year a meeting is organized, where members present their research and share the difficulties in polymer separation.



Next Meeting: October 3rd 2017 at Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Labtechnology)

For More information see the Next Meeting page


If you want to receive an invitation, please send an e-mail to Lies.Meervander@akzonobel.com